Scrivener is awesome.

So, for my writerly friends out there, just want to make a short plug for Scrivener. It’s a writing software program, designed with, well, writers, in mind. Not just any writers, though. Writers of large projects that are often bulky and cumbersome to handle, organize, etc.

This program is really helpful to me as I try to take pieces of small projects (seminar papers) and put them together to make a large project (my dissertation). It’s also helping me to organize my notes for my qualifying exam, to organize my research for my qualifying paper, and to just generally organize my random writing projects that don’t fit in with anything else.

It’s better than Microsoft Word or Pages because it allows you to create files within a binder and you can break files into smaller files at any time that you want to. You can create templates–and it’s easy!–and add photos, PDFs, all sorts of things, and then ask it to compile all or some of your files within the binder into a document in a program like Microsoft when you’re ready to print/send, whatever.

I won’t keep rambling on about it, but will just send you over to their website instead. You can have a 30 day trial, which is actually a real 30 day trial. They only count a day as a day that you accessed and used the program. They also have good video tutorials.


Okay, now, back to writing.

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