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Empathy, and recognizing humanity

“Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin has to be one of my favorite stories, and it paired perfectly today with my need to discuss racism with my students. There’s a line where the narrator says, “My trouble made his real.” And, later, Sonny says, “And I don’t know how I played, thinking about it now, but…… Continue reading Empathy, and recognizing humanity

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Writerly Angst and Grappling with My Privilege

I’ve been unable to write much lately. Part of that is because of my depression and anxiety issues. Part of it is grad school burn out. Part of it is doubting the usefulness of my life’s pursuit. Part of it just comes from being overwhelmed with teacherly duties. And, part of it stems from the…… Continue reading Writerly Angst and Grappling with My Privilege