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End of Holiday Musings

The holidays are coming to a close. This is the first winter break since 2007 where I didn’t spend at least part of my vacation writing a syllabus, making a class schedule, and figuring out how I was going to schedule my time.

This spring, I’ll be working as a writing tutor in the university’s writing center. I volunteered for the job, since we have low enrollment in the spring and more GTAs than we have courses to teach. I’m actually looking forward to it, since I enjoy working with students one-on-one, but I also feel strange about it because it’s a break in routine.

I’m hoping it will be a positive break, that it will help me focus more on my research and writing, since I really do need to continue producing my own writing and processing all the reading and research that I’m working through, rather slowly, but ever more steadily.

I’ve been wanting to set goals for my semester, but I sort of hate to do it, because the world is flooded with New Year’s Resolutions right now, and NYR’s aren’t something that I really care to take part in. I like goals. But I don’t know why we have to set massive goals beginning on the first of the year. I suppose it’s in part because of the overflow of gratitude we feel left over from the holidays, or perhaps the experience of being guilted by our families around the Christmas turkey that suddenly makes us want to reinvent ourselves. Maybe, because my holidays have been spent alone for the past couple of years, that’s just not something that I worry about.

Either way, here are my goals, but they would be my goals whether it was the New Year, or just another semester:

  1. Complete and defend my qualifying paper
  2. Revise a paper that has been accepted for publication
  3. Complete drafts of 2 chapters of my dissertation (the drafts are begun)
  4. Read 30 books from my reading list.

Those are my academic goals. Personal goals include:

  1. Swim 2 miles in one swim session
  2. Run a half marathon
  3. develop a daily yoga and meditation practice
  4. Write daily
  5. limit social media time
  6. increase pleasure reading time
  7. listen to more music
  8. Read more poetry

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