Bittersweet. That’s what these days are for me. The sticky film of too much sugar coating my mouth. The frosting was sweet, but the aftertaste becomes sour. Bittersweet? Sweet and sour. Sweet and sad. Friends extending birthday wishes. Glittery gift bags, cards, smiles. Sweet. Memories. Loss. A companion, known yet unknown. Ineffable connection. Haunting. Half…… Continue reading Birthday

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Muddled Thoughts

I’m letting my mind be pulled in multiple directions right now. I say letting, because it’s deliberate. I’m deliberately working on more than one project at a time, deliberately letting myself think about work, ideas, things, that aren’t directly related to my qualifying paper, my dissertation, etc. I’m letting my mind expand in multiple directions…… Continue reading Muddled Thoughts

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Chatter. Rattling wrappers. Zippers. Books opening and closing. Tap-tapping of computer keys. Cell phones. Vague impressions of music from headphones of the person sitting at a nearby table. Dialogue from a video of a person not bothering to use headphones. Slurping drinks through straws. Traffic outside, foot and automotive. Sirens. Squirrels and/or birds that live…… Continue reading noise