graduate school · Writing

Read, Write, Revise. Repeat.

This first few months of this year feel more productive than my last two. This is a good thing, since my last two years weren’t extremely productive. This is also a good thing, because I’ve realized (remembered?) how much I can actually accomplish in a short period of time when I am working consistently and with focus.

I’m working on a post about realism and constructivism, but it’s taking some time to think through and articulate, and I have some writing deadlines to meet that need to take priority. I’m editing a paper for publication–the proposal was accepted last year, and now the deadline is fast approaching. I was having problems with figuring out the organization, so yesterday, on a slow night in the writing center where I work this semester, I attacked my paper with scissors and tape and literally cut my paper to pieces and reassembled it. It was fun, and helpful. I hadn’t done this kind of work with my own papers for a long time. So the paper is reorganized now, but now comes the task of revising the writing. It’s a couple years old, and I’m happy to say that my writing has gotten much better since then. It’s also a little painful to reread my repetitive and stilted academic-ese.

I’m tempted to scrap the whole paper and start over, but time won’t allow for it this time around. So, back to the editing.

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