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All the projects

I’ve had a bit of difficulty articulating my thoughts on this blog lately. What with my commitment to writing a poem a day for National Poetry Month, reading for my exams in the fall, revising two articles that have nothing in common with each other, and trying to get started on my dissertation (unrelated to the topic of the articles I’m revising) I find myself without words for this blog.

Today, I started to wish that my dissertation project was growing out of my qualifying paper. I really enjoyed writing that paper, and I feel like it’s the first piece of work I’ve produced in a while that could be something stellar.

Of course, I really enjoy my dissertation project, too. And I like the other article I’m revising for publication (it’s been accepted, so this is a good thing; it’s just completely disconnected from all the other work I’m doing).

So what I’ve realized today is that I have projects lined out for the next decade at least, maybe more.

That fills me simultaneously with exhilaration and exhaustion.

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