National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month Day 16 (late)

I forgot to write my poem yesterday, perhaps intentionally. I had a great day on Wednesday, I felt competent, capable, elated. Yesterday, as almost inevitably happens for me after experiencing accomplishment and reaching milestones, the anxiety set in. I didn’t want to follow my elation with panic. So when I sat down to write I had nothing, and I told myself I would do it later, and then I forgot. But, I promised a poem a day so here is day 16.


When I was small, I watched swallows
Swoop and dip over the front lawn.
Speed and grace held me wrapt.
Elated, excited, my heart swooped and dipped
As their bodies flashed in sunlight, wings spread
Then pulled tightly for a controlled drop or turn.

My breath would catch.
A mixture of excitement and fear,
Anticipation and dread.
I couldn’t swallow, breathe, or blink.
Frozen, caught.

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