Ethnicity Studies

Brief thoughts provoked by the AME racial terror shooting in Charleston 

I have a lot of thoughts right now, about systemic racism, systemic violence, systemic extremism, and white privilege. They aren’t well-organized as of now, and anytime I find myself starting to engage, I stop because I don’t have the right words.
Just a small observation, though: if you start a comment with “I’m not racist” you probably are. It’s like the guy that goes around crying about what a nice guy he is. If you were, you wouldn’t be shouting it so loudly.
Another observation: those of you that identify as white that resent being “lumped in” with all white people and with all racists “just because your skin is light” might want to take a moment and reflect on the irony of that statement. It may be true that, Individually, you have not done anything to cause or further racism. It is also true that people of color have not done anything to invite discrimination and deep seated systemic racism, but it’s still there. I’m sure they resent being profiled because of their skin color, too. I’m sure they resent “thug” and “terrorist” as a label, and I’m sure they resent the fact that mental illness is not offered as an excuse for the crime rates in their comminities. Stop wasting time shouting that you aren’t racist. Stop making the conversation about you, because whether you like it or not, you have white privilege. Your very inaction and claims of innocence make you guilty. 

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