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Goal Setting

At the prompting of one of my mentors, I’m committing to Acacdmic Writing Month, or AcWriMo, the academic equivalent to National Novel Writing Month (which I always observe with a mixed sense of awe and horror).

The daily goals look a bit different for AcWriMo than for NaNoWriMo, and it’s really easy for both to set overly ambitious challenges for oneself.

My original goal was 1000 words a day. I figured that would get me through the introduction and the first chapter of my dissertation, until I did some math. 1000 words/day would be 30,000 words for the month, which would come down to about 100 pages in a 30 day period.

Maybe I could do that. But it seems like a lot. Especially since I’m still doing reading and research. And teaching. And applying for jobs.

So I set a new goal. 500 felt too easy, so 750 feels like a good compromise. That will be 22,500 words by the end of November, approximately 75 pages. I’m hoping that, on some days, I’ll surpass that goal, but meeting it will be enough.

I start on Sunday. I’ll post here with updates and thoughts about my process.

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