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Writing Hangover: Or, Academic Writing Month, Day 8

I’ve been really happy with my progress the past 8 days. It’s November 8, day 8 of Academic Writing Month, and I have a total of 7649 words so far, toward my dissertation.

Day 1: 1827 –this was the best day, by far, if we’re talking sheer numbers. I researched for 2 hours first, and then wrote for roughly an hour. The words wouldn’t stop.

Day 2: 820 words–the words still came easily, but I didn’t have as much time to devote to it, what with teaching and Writing Center duties, and life happening.

Day 3: 913–had other stuff to take care of, again, but I went to the library after leading my staff meeting at the Writing Center and got the words out.  This was one last session with Fortune magazine, and I’m pretty proud of the analysis and work I did in this section.

Day 4: 861–still more writing. I started working on the theory section this time, trying to explain which theorists I’m doing and what’s driving my approach to my texts. I have to show what others have done and how what I’m doing is different, so the pace is slower for this kind of writing than the type of textual analysis I was doing on day 1, 2, and 3.

Day 5: 760–this day was painful. I didn’t want to do it, and didn’t feel like I could. I kind of felt that way on Day 4, as well, but made myself do it anyway. And this day, I also made myself do it. I’m not sure I would have written if it hadn’t been for being part of the accountability group, and knowing that we’re all responsible for motivating each other.

Day 6: 895–this day felt easier. I made an effort to write earlier in the day, so as not to be worn down and distracted by my desire to cuddle my cats and watch Netflix in the evening.

Day 7: 809–easier still. I wrote in the afternoon after doing some reading.

Day 8: 764–the writing flowed quickly today, but I wasn’t as sure about what I actually needed to write today as I have been on other days.

I’m at the point where I either need to go back and revise the introduction, or go forward and work on writing another chapter. I wanted to revise and form an introduction this weekend, but it just didn’t happen. So, tomorrow morning, I’ll take some time to sit and reflect on what I want to accomplish this week. Unfortunately, I still have things like job applications to turn in, and during the week there are more things to interrupt my time. So we’ll see. I still want to keep producing text, because it’s better to have a lot to work with than to have nothing.

For this to work best, I should have planned out a monthly schedule a little bit more carefully, but I sort of just threw myself into it, like I do with a lot of things in life. Thankfully, I’m a good swimmer so I can just keep on swimming.*

*bad metaphor, I know, but it just popped into my head, so there it is. Plus, I love Dori.

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