National Poetry Month

windswept–National Poetry Month Day 5

the wind flows across the plains

and brings with it warm air, the smells of summer.

And pollen. The wind brings pollen that causes allergies

to flare and my eyes to dry out, my throat to scratch and rasp.

The wind pushes and pulls doors when I try to get

in and out of buildings and my car.

It shuts doors on me and shunts me along the sidewalk

as if I’m just another piece of debris that piles in the gutters

all the year long in this windswept place.

The wind ushers in threatening clouds filled with rain

and hail and twists into funnels that rip and tear, rending

the earth and metal spread across the prairie land.

Wind whips sleet into my eyes and ice across the roads.

But that same wind swirls through grass and tugs at skirts,

flips hair, and touches my cheek.

Windswept curses turned to caresses.

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