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I have so much in my mind right now, I’m having difficulty pinpointing it and deciding what to write here, for this blog.

The semester is over, and has been for a while. I’m working on my dissertation. I just had my first experience at the Rhetoric Society of America Biennial conference, this year hosted in Atlanta. Friends have graduated and are moving away, and I’m getting ready to move to an old city that will feel new because I haven’t lived there in a few years.

Separate from the day-to-day, there are many other things happening: the US election campaign; new articles about education; budget crises in Oklahoma; war; police violence; a gorilla was shot because “human life always comes first”; an article from Buzzfeed details the ways in which Yale handled sexual harassment charges against a faculty member; continued devaluation of human and non-human life in favor of capital.

The death of icons: Bowie, Prince, and now Muhammad Ali, and so many others.

There’s so much I need to process, so much to write about, and I find myself unable to say any of it. I feel narcissistic as I try to grapple with world events because it’s hard to talk about them without also discussing how I feel, how I perceive the influence on my person.

How to remove myself from the situation? How to be objective? Or should I even strive for that? Perhaps removing ourselves from the situation and striving for objectivity is part of the problem. Perhaps that is what allows cruelty, that is what allows dehumanization, that is what allows the continuation of letting our lives be determined by money, by hate, by fear, instead of determining our own lives with love, with compassion, and with trust.

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