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Learning Curves (Poetry)

learning is never an even experience.

learning involves ups and downs and

dips and swerves

and the occasional (although ever-increasing) crash

and burn.

Learning curves, we call these.

The dips and failures that occur whenever

we attempt something new.

The curve–an allusion to the bell curve, a grading tool–

becomes an apt metaphor for rounding the corner from

not knowing, not understanding, to

finally getting it.

so I’m on a learning curve right now.

Learning your curves.

Learning the crook of your elbow,

the angle of your chin

the dip of clavicle and

the burn of your lips as they meet mine.

And you’re learning the curve of my hip

the arch of my back, the crook of my

knee and the wrap of my legs.

You’re learning the softness of my skin

and the lines of my tattoos

and I’m learning the length of your

fingers and the strength of your

hands as they explore.

Oh, yes, we’re learning these

dips and swerves and curves

as we head toward a spectacular

burn and crash.

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