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New Year Resolutions 

Lose weight. Eat healthy.

Manage my money 

take a trip somewhere exotic 

Go to the gym 

Sleep more or less 

Drink less–

Or drink more fine wine,

Craft beer but not whiskey shots

At the bar on a Wednesday 

Because getting hammered on a 

Wednesday makes me 

Some kind of loser.

You can use that tone with me.

Yeah, take your new year resolutions 

And follow them, if that’s 

What makes you happy.

For me, I say 

Fuck all of that shit.

My resolutions? I don’t 

Make them for the year. 

I make them for each day

I manage to get through without 

Using the kitchen knife to cut my skin

Instead of vegetables. 

Each day I resolve to get

Out of bed one more time. And go

To work again and teach again 

And eat again 

And swim another lap

Run another couple steps

Do another sun salutation in

My morning yoga practice

If I manage to do my morning yoga practice.

Namaste- a word I should say daily 

But sometimes the light in me is dim and I can’t see it well enough to offer it unto you.

So each day I don’t do yoga or run

Or swim or skip the bread 

Or wrestle my insomnia into 

Submission could be just one more 

Failed resolution.

Or it could just be evidence

That my resolve to stay

Hasn’t yet run out.  

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