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Alternative Facts*

*inspired by the Twitter hashtag+

+inspired by Kellyanne Conway commentary on the false reporting of the inauguration turnout

Tom Hardy is my boyfriend.

So is Joseph Gordon-Levitt

and Maggie Gyllenhall is my girlfriend.

We all hang out with Virginia Woolf on the

weekends and talk about Jacob’s Room and The Waves.

Then we read Adrienne Rich and talk about

Zora Neale Hurston and James Baldwin

and go have wine with all of them because

they live just down the street from me and used to have

lunch with my mother while reading blue ghazals.

My pet panther sleeps at the foot of my bed

dark as night and purring rich like velvet.

She could rip my throat in a second

with the claws she polishes with her

rough tongue,

but she reserves that behavior for Nazis

and people who think Starbucks’ windows

are more valuable than human lives.

Liberals don’t have a racism problem

and the democratic party isn’t just a kinder

version of the capitalist system that’s strangling us all.

Respectability politics work.

Protestors should be nicer and if we were all just

patient and waited while people die in police custody

instead of wanting to have their humanity acknowledged

things would get better.

Native Americans are just fine–there was no genocide.

Rape culture isn’t real and victims don’t get blamed

and rapists actually serve their time

and prisons aren’t filled with people who committed minor offenses

while the real murderers serve in positions of power and sign

death warrants

that send drones with cameras, not bombs, to countries where

we spread “democracy.”

America really is “exceptional” you know–

we say so over and over and over and over

that America is the greatest nation in the world.

Having a “classy” family in the White House

is the most important thing, after all, because if we

look respectable it must make us great.

Make America love again–I’m not sure when

America ever did. And see, now I’m done with

“alternate facts” because

the fact is that America’s story

should really be a crime novel or an episode

of Dexter to draw attention to the blood spatter

that decorates our hands.


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