You don’t know when to quit.

It’s the refrain of the Universe,
the Powers that Be,
the whatever-entity-is-bigger-than-me
that as an atheist I don’t believe in

but it would be easier if I did.

When people say “God has a different plan for you”
to those of us that suffer disappointment
or failure
or loss
if I actually believed in a deity
it could be so comforting
to just be able to believe there is a plan.

Because I just keep going in hopes
that a plan will present itself
instead of running repeatedly into
walls and closed doors and
clear paths that turn out to be mirrors
that shatter when I run into them
offering another 7 years of bad luck.

I don’t know when to quit, I guess.
because I keep going.

Stumble and trip and wrench my ankles
on paths that are less traveled
when there’s a similar smooth path
right next to me, but I missed
the entrance.

I’m just out of pace with … everyone.

I just keep going, though.

because I don’t know when to quit.

4 thoughts on “6/30

  1. Wow, feels a lot like me. I might be theist but I hate it when people tell me there is plan. Sounds like bullshit. The universe is complex and things just happen, God is not involved in a every little damn thing. I’m weird like that, some people think I’m atheist. Maybe I’m agnostic. Anyway. Thanks for sharing, nice to know I’m not the only one feels like this. 😀

      1. Yes. Exactly. More like a mastermind who created a complete whole and isn’t busy interfering in our affairs or the universe. He made something perfect , that works itself.

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