working a day ahead, because my brain won’t focus on the writing I need to do until I get the words floating around in my head out on the screen.


Ask for what you want.
Work hard for what you want.
Don’t take no for an answer.


That’s supposed to be the answer
to all of life’s little troubles.

Just keep trying.
Keep pushing,
keep asking,
but don’t become a nuisance.

Don’t ask for too much.
Don’t ask for what you might not deserve.
Don’t be entitled.
Don’t be needy.
Learn to take the hint, already.

Conflicting advice.

Ask, but only for a little,
and be extra sure you aren’t asking
for more than a fraction of what you’ve
already given.

Don’t be greedy.
Don’t ask for enough
to be full, just for
enough to get by.

I’m tired of asking.
I want you to offer.

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