Thinking of the mountains today, for this tenth day of the 30/30. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and have been in prairie land for the past 12 years. I still miss the mountains.


Flat land.

Surrounded by
long stretches of flat land
and prairies reaching to the horizon
in their efforts to touch the sky.

Wind rips across the flat lands
with no dips, ridges, or hills to slow
its speed and force.

For years, flat land spans in front of me,
behind me, on either side and directions
are difficult to choose.

Mountains cradled my youth
obscuring my view of the sky,
reaching upward for sun-kisses
and embraces from the clouds.

Mountains offered shelter from wind,
soil for trees to take root,
dips and curves in paths to teach adaptability.

Mountains cradled my youth
and nourished my expectations
for broken sky and twisting paths.

Flat land became comfortable
safer in its predictability–
save for the dangers of spring storms
and summer wildfires that can rip across
the prairie grass with no warning.

Ups and downs of mountain paths, narrow
and curving
steep and treacherous
yet exhilarating
to reach the peak and
look down on the valleys
the flat land,
and up to kiss the clouds
and embrace the sun.

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