[the rules]

3. The first reaction is not self loathing
This is the third rule to live by.

Do not react to mistreatment
by loathing oneself
do not assume that every
thing that happens is because you deserve it.

Do not believe you are unworthy of

This rule can be read in another way.
Do not loathe yourself for your reactions.

Your feelings are valid it
doesn’t matter if they’re
rational or not.
They are your feelings.

Do not react with self-loathing
but instead recognize and own
all parts of yourself.

When others express their love
accept it.
believe that they see you
and love you
instead of listening to the whisper
but you don’t deserve that
if only they knew you
about you
they would take this love away 

That voice is the lie.
Don’t listen.

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