[the rules]

4 it doesn’t have to turn out the way I planned or wanted to be okay

This is the fourth rule to live by.
I repeat it over and over
after each event does not turn out
the way I intended

I stopped making plans, for a while.
Just floated from day
to day
but those days turned
to weeks
and months because
when you don’t make plans
each day blends one into the next.

Why makes plans when
all they do is go their own way?
But you have to draw a map.
You have to know what you want.

And when you don’t get it
You have to move on to the
Next place.

It’s still okay when the plans
crumble like dry cake.

It’s still okay when what you want
becomes unpalatable the moment
you taste it.

A poet said “I contain multitudes”
and so I contain a multitude of plans

and all of them

could be okay.

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