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Split Second

A deer appeared
in front of my car going fifty
on a mountain highway.

Near enough I could see her eye
solid black,
her body in profile
as she froze between the white
and yellow lines.

I was sure that was it
that I would hit her.
Even as I hit my breaks
I knew I couldn’t
in time.
A drop off on my right
oncoming traffic to the left
I imagined she felt equally

Though it was her death
that would be the result
and blood on my hands
and hood my consequences.

All in a split second, I thought
about life and death
and what might happen
to us both on this highway

and in a split second she
to the roadside
just behind the truck
speeding past me
and then she was gone
up the mountainside
and both of us
were safe.
For a moment.

2 thoughts on “Split Second

  1. I can see the whole thing happening in slow motion as I read. It wasn’t until after I finished reading that I noticed I was holding my breath. Great poem!

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