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Unfamiliar Familiar

Reading words I’ve read before. Familiar, but not recognizable. I have to start over, when I should know more. I should be able to quote theory and drop names. Yet, so much of this happened before the break. Before my mornings began with panic; before my racing heart woke me up and my body tensed for the impact of the next thing–whatever…… Continue reading Unfamiliar Familiar

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“On this day…”: A Compulsory Stroll Down Memory Lane

Facebook has this great feature– “On this Day” It lists all your posts from past years, and also the things friends posted to your wall or tagged you in. It really is great, having a memory of that funny cat video or the hilarious parody of catcalls pop up, or articles that were so spot…… Continue reading “On this day…”: A Compulsory Stroll Down Memory Lane