I haven’t dissertated today. I think I needed to allow myself some rest. It’s been a really busy semester. Challenging and emotional and despair-inducing, but also full of new people, new experiences, and sprinklings of joy. Writing some poetry tonight, to read at the open mic tomorrow. I’ll be better about posting more regularly again,…… Continue reading update

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Cynthia Occelli says a seed “must come completely undone” and that growth looks like complete destruction. This is posted and reposted on social media as inspiration. We’re supposed to believe that when our lives are falling apart, they’re about to come together to make something beautiful. The analogy is apt–times of trauma and trouble are…… Continue reading Trauma

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It started with pin pricks in the  delicate pads of my finger tips. Soft flesh gives way, resisting ever so slightly, to the pressure of sewing needles sneaked from my mother’s strawberry shaped pin cushion. No, wait. It started when my fingers slipped, using the sharp scissors, reserved for cloth. Five years old. I just…… Continue reading Scars