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She walks in hesitation–National Poetry Month Day 2

She walks in hesitation Unsure of where her faltering feet should step. The cracks in the sidewalk threaten to become crevices down which she will fall because nothing exists beneath the sidewalks. The earth beneath the cement deteriorated long ago Crumbled away, shrinking toward the core of the earth She walks in hesitation, uncertain if her…… Continue reading She walks in hesitation–National Poetry Month Day 2

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Shaped by landscape

One of my dissertation chapters is about John Joseph Mathews Wah’Kon-Tah and Sundown. It’s fitting in between chapters describing the art/writing inspired by locations–New Mexico and Oklahoma, to be specific. Mathews seems to walk a line of arguing that the landscape is a constant, and showing that it isn’t. He’s writing about the encroachment of modernity, and the ways…… Continue reading Shaped by landscape