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Connecting the Dots: Intellectual Collage

I remember being part of a focus group my senior year as an undergraduate. It was my English Capstone course, and this sociology student came in and asked us questions about how we felt about the course. Most of us were disgruntled. The course seemed designed for students who had never held jobs and hadn’t…… Continue reading Connecting the Dots: Intellectual Collage

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Emerald City Nostalgia and Red Dirt Revelations

I wrote this piece as part of an application to a writer’s residency. It’s a new kind of writing for me, but it’s the kind of writing that I want to do–intellectual work informed by personal experience. My intellectual pursuits makeup most of my life, and I always feel as if my academic projects contain…… Continue reading Emerald City Nostalgia and Red Dirt Revelations

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James Clifford and the Predicament of Culture

Early in my academic career, I encountered Paula Gunn Allen. A woman of Laguna-Sioux and Lebanese American heritage, she is the first indigenous studies scholar I encountered. I read her essay “Kochinnenako in Academe: Three Approaches to Interpreting a Keres Indian Tale” in my undergraduate literary and critical theory course. I was a senior, in my…… Continue reading James Clifford and the Predicament of Culture

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Distance —National Poetry Month Day 13

As a child I developed random systems of measurement. First, they began with distance. I counted fence posts, sidewalk cracks, footsteps, stairs, doorways, windows, to quantify how long until I reached home, how long until I reached— where? Surely it started with tracking the distance to home? At some point it moved beyond tracking the distance. I…… Continue reading Distance —National Poetry Month Day 13