A book resting on a bright pink and gold background. The title text is white, over an illustration of roads bending through flowers and leaves. There is a robot in the top left corner, and a wagon with a person sitting in the seat on the bottom left. The title of the book is "A Psalm for the Wild-Built: A Monk and Robot Book" by Becky Chambers

A Psalm for the Future

I saw a picture once online—maybe on the Human’s of New York Facebook page—of a young person. The caption (and I paraphrase) said “I want to write stories about a future that isn’t dystopian where we were all fighting each other to survive.” I think about that often, how so much writing is just that:…

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Breaking Through: Getting Past Writer’s Block

In my last post, I wrote about a writing activity to help unstick your stuck words, using colors to prompt the flow of words and activating the writing muscles to make the writing process easier: the more we write, the easier it becomes to write.  What if the problem persists? What if you have an…

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Stretch Your Writing Muscles

Do you ever find yourself struggling to get words down on the page? I know I do, and frequently feel as if the ideas I have are flitting beyond my reach, just like when a word or a fact is on the tip of my tongue but I can’t quite form the sounds.  When I…

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Poetry and Process

National Poetry Month just ended, and I completed a successful 30/30: thirty poems in thirty days. This is the first time I’ve managed 30 poems in a couple of years, so I’m happy that I have some new lines to work with. Most of the thirty are not that good, since I don’t revise or…

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I’m Jean, a writer, coffee addict, and generally curious person. Here, you’ll find some of my writing: a mix of prose, poetry, and my thoughts on writing. Enjoy!

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