30 Days of Yoga

It’s been a little bit since my last post, again (though I did post a video), but let’s just say that my slow December turned into a busy January (and February), despite my best efforts to maintain my slow-flow chill of winter break. In January, teaching yoga started up again, the semester started up again…

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Go slow

Slowing down was a goal I had for December. I wanted to tune in to the season, to the longer nights, shorter days, to the slowed movement of nature as animals go to ground to wait for warmer weather. I managed it, for most of the month. I took the month away from teaching yoga,…

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Time is a construct

I had grand plans for a productive winter break, as I rested from a grueling (and rewarding) semester, and felt I finally had time to turn my attention to all the things that lay waiting while I gave student feedback, taught classes, found information and resources for students, and answered emails. All the things that…

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