Writing Services

I’ve been working with writers since 2008, when I started teaching first year writing to college students while I was in graduate school. I’ve taught writing courses and worked in the Writing Center at my doctoral institution, consulting with undergraduates on papers for all subjects, and with graduate students as they developed and wrote their dissertations.

Writing Consulting

I have knowledge and experience with the following types of writing: 

  • Academic writing for the humanities 
  • Job documents
  • Technical documents
  • Creative nonfiction 
  • Fiction

I’ve worked with writers in all stages of the writing process:

  • Soundboarding and developing ideas
  • Research help
  • First draft feedback, to help you develop your earliest ideas
  • Second-and-later draft feedback as you polish your ideas
  • Final draft copy editing 
  • Formatting according to style guides, including help with citation practices

Other Services

Along with consulting, I offer a variety of other services in editing, communication coaching, beta reading, and tutoring.

Editing Services

  • Proofreading
  • Copyediting 
  • Fact checking
  • Formatting
  • Citation checking

Communication Coaching

  • Public speaking 
  • Communication evaluation
  • Communication instruction

Beta Reading

As a beta reader, I will give you feedback on works-in-progress or finished works. Beta reading provides a reaction to your book, and provides feedback on sensitive topics such as representation of marginalized groups and depictions of violence. Beta reading does not provide line-by-line feedback the way copyediting would, but rather overall impressions of the work.

Tutoring Services

I have years of experience teaching writing, literature, and communication classes and am happy to provide tutoring services for middle-graders through college.

Rates & Contracting Services

My rates vary, depending on the skillsets involved in the project. 

The first step in working together is a twenty-minute free consultation meeting to discuss your needs. The consultation will take place via phone call or video conference. 

For editing services and beta reading services:

After the consultation meeting, I charge $30 for an hour of work with a section of your text. I’ll edit and provide feedback that you can take away and apply. Along with the feedback, I’ll send you an email with my overall assessment, an estimate of the time it will take to complete the full project, and my hourly rate with an estimated total fee for the project. We’ll meet again to discuss and finalize a contract for the project. This process ensures that we both understand the full extent of the work needed, and go forward with matched expectations. 

For all other services, I’ll send you an email with an assessment and either an hourly rate or flat fee for the project, depending on your needs. 


$30 assessment fee is required prior to the completion of the assessment

50% of flat fees are due prior to the beginning of work, and the remaining 50% will be paid upon completion of the work. If any adjustments to the project are made (additional work, more tasks, etc., the remaining 50% from the original quote will be paid before the additional work is begun, and the additional fees will be paid upon completion).  

Hourly rates, such as for tutoring, mentoring, etc., will be paid upon the time of delivery of service. 

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