I grew up in the Pacific Northwest on the Kitsap Peninsula, then moved to Oklahoma at the age of twenty. Twelve years later, and I just relocated to Colorado.

I recently graduated with my doctorate in American Literature and Rhetoric, and I’ve taught first-year writing for a few years at the college level.

I’m a bibliomaniac, though having to relearn reading for pleasure and reading for myself after 9 years of graduate school, and a long stretch of anxiety and depression that required brain-fogging medication.  I read quite a bit, and writing helps me process what I’ve read so that I can figure out how it fits with previous research, and how future research will expand and modify my thinking.

I also write about personal experiences, which sometimes overlap with my academic work and sometimes don’t.

This blog is a space for writing that’s less formal than a research paper, but that requires a bit more thought and organization than my notebooks. My research interests focus on ethnography, questions of authenticity, identity formation, race issues, and the rhetoric of place and space, along with pedagogical concerns.

The posts here will range between the exploration of academics, to nonfiction/memoir pieces, and poetry.


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