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Writing and Mindfulness Services

Welcome to my website! I’m Jean Alger, a writing consultant and mindfulness instructor.

I have 15 years of experience teaching writing and communication, a doctoral degree in American Literature and Rhetoric, and a 200 hour yoga teacher certification.

I offer writing services at all stages of the drafting process, mindfulness instruction in the form of yoga and meditation practices, and workshop and personalized retreat experiences.

Explore my website for more information, check out my blog for some examples of my writing, or reach out to me using the contact form below.

Creative Services

Writing Services

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With 15 years (and counting) of experience teaching writing and working with texts of all kinds, I offer a range of services for all stages of the writing process. Whether you are looking for a copyedit or proofread, or you’re trying to figure out how to get started, I can help! Click here to read more about setting up a consultation appointment.


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I have practiced yoga on and off for the past 20 years. I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2020, and currently teach an All Levels Yoga class at Sweetgrass Therapeutics in Alamosa, Colorado. I would love to see you in class if you are in the area, or click below to learn more about other in-person and virtual options.

Events + Workshops

I am pleased to offer writing and mindfulness workshops and to begin offering retreat experiences.

Please click below for information on past and upcoming offerings, and to find out about the possibilities for personalized retreat experiences.

Jean Alger, PhD

Writer, editor, and yoga teacher


I grew up in the Pacific Northwest on the Kitsap Peninsula, moved to Oklahoma at the age of twenty, and now live in the high desert in Colorado.

I studied American literature and rhetoric in graduate school, and worked as a college professor for a few years. Now, I’m a writing consultant, certified yoga instructor, and a writer who is published mostly on my blog.

I read voraciously, drink too much coffee, and write more than ever makes its way to public eyes. I love hiking, yoga, long walks, and rewatching shows until I can quote them from memory. I also spend a lot of time cuddling my cat and thinking about what we can do to make the world more compassionate.

Photo by Stephanie Bidelspach


Doctor of Philosophy in English
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


I have short pieces featured in issues 2, 3, and 11 of Handbasket, a zine sharing LGBTQ+ stories, and a chapter in Looking Back at the Jazz Age: New Essays on the Literature and Legacy of an Iconic Decade edited by Nancy  Von Rosk.

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In my last post, I wrote about a writing activity to help unstick your stuck words, using colors to prompt the flow of words and activating the writing muscles to make the writing process easier: the more we write, the easier it becomes to write.  What if the problem persists? What if you have an […]

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Do you ever find yourself struggling to get words down on the page? I know I do, and frequently feel as if the ideas I have are flitting beyond my reach, just like when a word or a fact is on the tip of my tongue but I can’t quite form the sounds.  When I […]

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National Poetry Month just ended, and I completed a successful 30/30: thirty poems in thirty days. This is the first time I’ve managed 30 poems in a couple of years, so I’m happy that I have some new lines to work with. Most of the thirty are not that good, since I don’t revise or […]

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