Moon Poem

Band of black sky stretched
between mountain ridge
and gray-black clouds
illuminated by the glow

of the full moon.

Gold-tinted pearl, yellow opal,
color shifting moonstone 
brightening the dark sky
lightening the ragged edges of gray cloud

Deceptively appearing
close enough to touch
but keeping her distance, 
she is radiant.

Casting shadows, softening the 
sharp edges of daylight
her light shows your smile as the 
click captures the memory.

She shines, not close enough
to touch. Moving further out of reach,
she slips behind the clouds as the black
of night settles in place.

dark night sky with bright moon
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One response to “Moon Poem”

  1. Much like the love we all crave, she is deceptively out of reach…yet we admire her all the same..

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